At Millfield Lead Academy we build on the L.E.A.D. principles, and take into account the particular needs of children who attend the school.

We will provide a curriculum that:

  • Is relevant to the pupils and helps them to understand the world they live in and contribute to it;
  • Provides opportunities to look beyond the everyday experiences;
  • Ensures that pupils are industrious and have a thirst for and love of learning;
  • Can evolve to meet new needs and challenges;
  • Supports a culture where aspirations are high and success is valued;
  • Provides integrated learning experiences that are creative, engaging, enriching and encourage independent learning;
  • Develops high-level functional skills, particularly literacy and numeracy;
  • Takes into account the content of the National Curriculum and legal requirements for the curriculum;
  • Ensures pupils leave the school well-prepared for the next stage of education having made good progress and reached standards that are the platform for continued success.


Year 1

Year 1 Long Term Plan

Year 2

Year 2 Long Term Plan

Year 3

Year 3 Long Term Plan

Year 4

Year 4 Long Term Plan

Year 5

Year 5 Long Term Plan

Year 6

Year 6 Long Term Plan


Phonics Scheme: Letters and Sounds

RE Curriculum

Promoting Tolerance

Reading Scheme: EYFS and Year 1: PM Benchmarking.  Children then progress onto the Accelerated Reader scheme.

For more information about our exciting curriculum please contact Mrs Clare Dunn, Curriculum Leader.

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