At Millfield Lead Academy we build on the L.E.A.D. principles and take into account the particular needs of children who attend the school.

We will provide a curriculum that:

  • Is relevant to the pupils and helps them to understand the world they live in and contribute to it;
  • Provides opportunities to look beyond everyday experiences;
  • Ensures that pupils are industrious and have a thirst for and love of learning;
  • Can evolve to meet new needs and challenges;
  • Supports a culture where aspirations are high and success is valued;
  • Provides integrated learning experiences that are creative, engaging, enriching and encourage independent learning;
  • Develops high-level functional skills, particularly literacy and numeracy;
  • Takes into account the content of the National Curriculum and legal requirements for the curriculum;
  • Ensures pupils leave the school well-prepared for the next stage of education having made good progress and reached standards that are the platform for continued success.

Our Curriculum Intent

Skills 4 Life

Curriculum Overview

Year 1

(novels being covered)
Amazing Grace
The Three Little
Funny Bones
Peace At Last
Jack and the Beanstalk
Oliver’s Vegetables / Fruit Salad
Handa’s Surprise
Farmer Duck
Little Red Riding Hood
Whatever Next
Room on the Broom
Sharing a shell
The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch
(White Rose units)
Place Value (to 10) 
Addition and subtraction (to 10) 
Place value (to 20) 
Addition and subtraction (20) 
Place value (50 including multiples of 2,5, 10) 
Measurement: Length, height 
Measurement: Weight, volume 
Multiplication and division
Geometry: position and direction
Place value (100)
Measurement: money
Measurement: time
ScienceOur bodies 
Seasonal changes 
Seasonal changes 
Animals including humans 
Everyday materials 
HistoryLocal History: The Best of Leicester Changes in Toys: Victorian England to todayChanges to the seaside
GeographyOur Local Area (Braunstone town)Best way to travelComparing the seaside with our local area
ComputingOnline Safety
Grouping & Sorting
Lego builders
Maze Explorers
Animated story books
Technology outside school
Music Pulse: rhymes with steady pulse
Voice: Sing and perform
Rhythm: Compose a simple rhythmic pattern
Pitch: convey feelings through composition
Music technology: create and change sound
20th Century Music: use features from a range of genres
Art Sculpture: self portraitPrint: still lifeTextiles / Collage: Seascape scenes
Design & TechnologyMechanisms: sliders and leversFood: fruit and vegetable preparationStructures: freestanding
PSHCERelationships education
Myself and My Relationships –
Beginning and belonging:
Relationships education
Citizenship – Working together:
Relationships and health education
Myself and My Relationships – My Emotions
Relationships and health education
Citizenship – Diversity and communities
Relationships education
Healthy and Safer Lifestyles – RSE
Health education
Healthy and Safer Lifestyles – Healthy lifestyles
REWhat does it mean to belong to a faith community?
Christians and Muslims
How and why do we celebrate special and sacred times? Christians, Hindus and Sikhs.
Who is a Christian and what do they believe?
What makes some places sacred?
Christians, Hindus and Sikhs.
PEGym – travelling
Games – ball control, spatial awareness
Dance – body awareness
Gym – travelling and stillness
Games – sending and receiving
Dance – toys
Gym – travelling and stillness
Games – rolling and Kicking
Dance – toys
SafeguardingBritish Values: Rules
Diverse Relationships: Different families
Gang Culture: Friends and being left out, pressureExtremism & Radicalisation: Disagreements and peer pressure

Year 2

Subject Autumn Spring Summer 
English (Novels studied) The Hungry Caterpillar The Great Fire of London The Tiger who came to Tea  The Gruffalo  Fantastic Mr Fox  The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark   Giraffes Can’t Dance  The Queen’s Knickers 
Maths White Rose units Place value Addition and subtraction Measurement: money Multiplication and division Multiplication and division Statistics Geometry: Property of shapes Fractions Measurement: length and height Geometry: position and direction Problem solving and efficient methods Measurement: time Measurement: mass, capacity, temperature Investigations 
Science Materials  Habitats Plants Animals including Humans 
History London Living and The Great Fire of London Queens: Victoria V Elizabeth Local History: Rosa Parks and Alice Hawkins 
Geography Map skills Geographical features of UK Local geography (map reading, naming countries, cities) 
Computing Coding Online safety Spreadsheets Questioning Effective searching Creating pictures Making Music Presenting ideas 
Music Pulse: layer and combine  Voice: sing and alter tempo Rhythm: perform an ostinato  Pitch: compose and perform with varied pitch Music Technology: create and perform using different themes  20th Century Music: use voice to change mood 
Art Print: buildings Textiles / Collage: Landscapes  Sculpture: animals 
Design & Technology Textiles: Template and joining Mechanisms: wheels and axels Food: fruit and vegetables – cooking  
PSHCE Relationships education Myself and My relationships – Family and Friends  Relationships education Myself and My relationships – Managing change Relationships and health education Myself and My Relationships – Anti bullying 
 Relationships Education 
Healthy and Safer Lifestyles – Personal Safety 
Relationships and health education 
Healthy and safer Lifestyles –RSE 
 Relationships education 
Citizenship – Rights, Rules and Responsibilities 
RE How should we care for others and the world, and why does it matter? Christians and Muslims  How and why do we celebrate special and sacred times (different festival focus) Christians, Hindus and Sikhs Who is a Muslim and what do they believe?  Muslims. Sikh  What can we learn from sacred books? Christians and Sikhs.  
PE Gym – Sequences (high & low)  Dance – Animal movements  Games – Movement with a ball / Sending & Receiving  Gym – Sequences Weight on Hands & Feet   Gym -Games  Throwing / Catching   Dance –animal movements   Gym – Sequences Turning & Twisting  OAA Unit 1 Physical Challenges   Dance – Pathways, Colour & Noise  Athletics Unit 1 Running, Jumping & Throwing 
MFL Greetings Numbers 1-20 Days and Months of the year Festivals and celebratory days 
Safeguarding British Values: Unwritten rules, being free  Diverse relationships: Equality within families Gang Culture: Peer pressure and acts, different opinions Extremism & radicalization: Resisting pressure, what is extremism? 

Year 3

Subject Autumn Spring Summer 
English (Novels studied) The Snail and the Whale Stone Age Boy  The Butterfly Lion  Escape from Pompei  The boy who grew dragons  My best friend the suffragette  
Maths (White Rose units) Place value addition and subtraction Multiplication and division Multiplication and division Money Statistics Length and perimeter Fractions Fractions  Time Geometry: properties of shape Measurement: mass and capacity  
Science Forces Rocks  Magnets Animals including the Human Body  Light Plants  
History The Stone Age Romans Local History: The Winstanley’s 
Geography Earthquakes and volcanoes and mountains  Naming countries/ locating hemispheres and countries in each  Local geography (map reading, naming countries, cities) 
Computing Coding Online safety Spreadsheets Touch Typing Email Branching databases Simulations Graphing 
Music Pulse: practice and perform ostinato  Voice: sing fluently and conduct a small group Rhythm: use syllable patterns to create graphic score  Pitch: use themes to compose Music Technology: create, change and combine sounds  20th Century Music: compose using different genres 
Art Print: Cave paintings Sculpture: African landscapes Textiles / Collage: Mixed media collage 
Design & Technology Mechanical systems: levers and linkages Food:  Healthy diet Textiles: 2D shapes to 3D product 
PSHCE Relationships and health education Myself and My Relationships – Beginning and Belonging 
  Relationships and health education 
Myself and my Relationships – My Emotions 
Relationships Education 
Citizenship – Working together 
  Relationships Education 
Citizenship – Diversity and Community 
Health Education 
Healthy and Safer lifestyles – healthy lifestyles 
 Health Education 
Healthy and Safer Lifestyles – RSE 
RE What does it mean to be a Christian in Britain today? Christians.  What do different people believe about God? Christian, Muslim, Sikh and Hindu.  Why are festivals important to religious communities? Christian: Easter focus. Why do people pray? Christian, Muslim, Sikh and Hindu.  Why is the bible so important for Christians today? Christians.  
PE Gym Balance & Rolling / Jumping / Sequences / Partner Work / Shapes / Dynamics Games –  invasion games  Dance  – Paired, Group & Class work (circle, friendship, traditional country dancing) Games – Cricket Gym – Balance & Rolling / Jumping / Sequences / Partner Work / Shapes / Dynamics Games  invasion games   Dance  – Paired, Group & Class work (circle, friendship, traditional country dancing) Games – net and wall games Gym – Balance & Rolling / Jumping / Sequences / Partner Work / Shapes / Dynamics Games – Net and wall games   OAA activities –  Athletics Running, Jumping, Throwing, Athletic event  
MFL Greetings including reply Numbers 1-20 Colours Body Parts Animals Cultural similarities and differences 
Safeguarding British Values: Democracy & Elections and school council  Diverse relationships: same sex marriage, Honour in families Gang Culture: What is a gang? Joining a gang and pressure Extremism & radicalization: Places extremism happens.  What is radicalization? 

Year 4

Subject Autumn Spring Summer 
English (Novels studied) Mary and the legend of the Sphinx  A Necklace of Raindrops  Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief    Street Child  Quest   
Maths (White Rose units) Place value Addition and subtraction Statistics Multiplication and division Multiplication and division Measurement: length and perimeter Measurement: area Fractions Decimals Measurement: money Measurement: time Geometry: Properties of shape Geometry: position and direction  
Science Sound  Humans including Animals  Living Things Electricity  States of Matter  
History The Egyptians The Greeks Local History: Abbey Pumping Station 
Geography Collect weather information Environmental issues Locate places on a map  Features of cities/towns/ villages Locate cities on a map European Union countries   Plan a journey to another place in UK  
Computing Coding Online Safety Spreadsheets Spreadsheets Writing for a purpose Logo Animation Effective Searching Hardware 
Music Pulse: maintain steady pulse wit time signatures  Voice: compose and perform with fluency Rhythm: create, layer and combine rhythms  Pitch: convey a range of emotions Music Technology: compose a pop song  20th Century Music: use features from different genres, times and traditions 
Art Textiles / Collage: Egyptian burial coverings Sculpture: portraits and masks Print: industrial buildings  
Design & Technology Structures: shell structures Food: Varied diet  Electrical systems: simple circuits and switches 
PSHCE Relationships Education 
Myself and My Relationships – Family and Friends  Relationships Education Myself and My Relationships – Managing change  
Relationships Education Healthy and safer lifestyles – Personal Safety  Relationships and Health Education Myself and My Relationships – Anti-bullying  Health Education Healthy and safer Lifestyles – Drug education  Relationships and Health Education Healthy and Safer Lifestyles – RSE  
RE What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today? Hindus  What can we learn from religions about deciding what is right and wrong? Christian, Muslim and non-religious focus. (Humanist)  Why is Jesus inspiring to some people? Christians. Why are festivals important to religious communities? Christian, Sikh and Hindu. Eid focus.  Why do some people think that life is like a journey and what significant experiences mark this? Christian and Hindu 
PE Swimming  Athletics Unit 2   Invasion Games  (feet & hands)  Swimming  Invasion Games Keeping Possession   OAA Unit 1  Swimming  Striking/Fielding (Cricket)  Dance (circle dance)  Net/Wall Games (striking)  
MFL Countries and towns  Food  Leisure activities  Weather Classroom objects  Spanish across the World 
Safeguarding British Values: Civil and criminal law. Laws we know  Diverse relationships: different relationships. Types of marriage Gang Culture: Gang culture, stereotypes, gangs and the media Extremism & radicalization: Why does extremism happen? Extremist groups – are they all the same?  Resisting extremist views 

Year 5

Subject Autumn Spring Summer 
English (Novels studied) Hotel Valhalla  War Horse George’s Secret Key to the Universe  Journey to the River Sea Precious and the Zebra Necklace  The Fox and the Ghost King 
Maths (White Rose units) Place value Number: addition and subtraction Statistics Multiplication and division Measurement: Perimeter and area Multiplication and division Fractions Decimals and percentages Decimals Geometry: properties of shape Geometry: Position and direction Measurement: converting units Measurement: volume 
Science Properties of materials  Forces Earth and space  Living Things   Animals including Humans  RSE 
History The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons World War I Local History: Richard III 
Geography Rivers (Thames)  European union (mountain ranges) The water cycle Africa (Botswana)  
Computing Graphical modelling Coding Online Safety Computer games design Spreadsheets Database 
Music Pulse: compose bars with steady pulse  Voice: follow a graphic notation, sing independently Rhythm: vary arrangement, structure to perform rehearsed piece  Pitch: minimalism composing Music Technology: compose to a set structure  20th Century Music: imitate different styles 
Art Sculpture: Norse gods   Textiles / Collage: Landscapes and tie-dye  Print: futuristic life drawings 
Design & Technology Food: Nutrition diets Electrical systems: complex switches and circuits  Structures: Frame structures  
PSHCE Relationships Education Myself and My Relationships – Beginning and Belonging  Relationships Education Myself and My Relationships – My Emotions  Relationships Education Citizenship – Working together  Relationships Education Citizenship – Diversity and Communities  Health Education Healthy and safer lifestyles – Healthy lifestyles  Relationships and Health Education Healthy and Safer lifestyles – RSE  
RE Why do some people think God exists? Christian, Hindu, and non-religious people (Humanist)               If Gods is everywhere, why go to a place of worship? Christian, Sikh, Hindu and non-religious people (Humanist)  What would Jesus do? (Can we live by the values of Jesus in the twenty-first century?) Christians. What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today? Muslims 
PE Gym Rolling & Sliding / Wheeling / Jumps   Net/Wall Games  Dance  Aboriginal/Haka  Invasion Games  (netball)  Dance Dream Catcher Invasion Games Team Play (netball)  Gym Sequences / Partner Balances  OAA Physical Challenges / Orienteering  Indoor Athletics  Striking/Fielding (rounders)  Dance Jive/Charleston  Athletics   
MFL Fruit and Vegetables  Umbers in multiples of 10 to 100 Directions  Transport and getting around Places of Interest  Famous artists  
Safeguarding British Values: law of the land and religious law. Dictatorships  Diverse relationships: arranged and forced marriage Gang Culture: Leaving a gang, resisting gang culture Extremism & radicalization: religion and extremism, how oppose extremist views 

Year 6

Subject Autumn Spring Summer 
English (Novels studied) Goodnight Mister Tom Boy in the Striped Pyjamas  Artemis Fowl 1001 Arabian Nights The Viewer Trash 
Maths (White Rose units) Place value Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division Fractions Geometry: Position and direction Decimals Decimals Percentages Algebra Measurement: converting units Measurement: Perimeter, area, volume Ratio Geometry: Properties of shape Problem solving Statistics Investigations 
Science Electricity  Light   Evolution  Living things and their habitats Animals including Humans  Reproduction and SRE 
History Local History: Wartime Leicester Islamic Civilisation Comparison of Civilisations 
Geography Extreme weather  Coastal change  Map reading  Using an atlas  Environmental issues   Extreme Weather  South America  
Computing Coding Online safety Spreadsheets Spreadsheets Blogging Text adventures Networks Quizzing 
Music Pulse: compose an irregular time signature with ostinato patterns  Voice: polished performance with accurate pitch Rhythm: perform led by conductor  Pitch: compose own theme Music Technology: add layers to change sounds  20th Century Music: create music in a range of styles 
Art Print: Buildings – layered prints Textiles / Collage: weaving   Sculpture: Beatriz Milhazes inspired 
Design & Technology Mechanical systems: pulleys, gears, and cams  Textiles: combining different shapes  Food: cultural and seasonality 
PSHCE Relationships Education Myself and My Relationships – Family and Friends  Relationships Education Myself and My Relationships – Managing change  Relationships and Health Education Myself and My Relationships – Anti-bullying  Relationships Education Healthy and Safer Lifestyles – Personal safety Health Education Healthy and Safer lifestyles – Drug Education  Relationships  and Health Education Healthy and Safer lifestyles – RSE  
RE Is it better to express your beliefs in arts and architecture or in charity and generosity. Christian, Sikh, Muslim and non-religious people (Humanist)  What difference does it make to believe in Ahimsa, Grace, Khalsa and Ummah? Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, and non-religious people (Humanist)  What matters most to Christians and Humanists?  Christian focus including non-religious people (Humanist)  What do religions say to us when life gets hard? Christian, Hindu, Sikh and Muslim.   
PE Gym Counter Balance & Tension / Partner Work –   Dance Communicating ideas, issues, thoughts & feelings  Invasion Games  (Rugby)   Gym Synchronisation & Canon / Holes & Barriers    Invasion Games  (Rugby)  Indoor athletics   Dance Weather – Using different images  Swimming  OAA Map Skills / Orienteering  
MFL Families  Sports  Stories  Famous people  Famous events  Cultural differences 
Safeguarding British Values: protecting different views and belief  Diverse relationships: same sex marriage and the law, forced marriage, honour based violence Gang Culture: Types of gangs, knife crime Extremism & radicalization: Religion and extremism.  Opposing radicalization   

Phonics Scheme: Letters and Sounds

RE Curriculum

Black History Month

Reading Scheme: EYFS and Year 1: PM Benchmarking. Children then progress onto the Accelerated Reader scheme.

For more information about our exciting curriculum please contact Mrs Clare Dunn, Curriculum Leader.