L.E.A.D. Academy


The creation of the L.E.A.D. Academy Trust was a natural progression of our belief in a partnership ethos and our determination to ensure that more young people receive an exceptional education.

We passionately believe in the power of partnership working as a catalyst for better educational outcomes for children and systemic change.

This is why our model allows member schools the autonomy to lead and manage in a way that preserves their individual identity and responds to specific community needs, while unifying them through:

  • shared vision and values;
  • partnership working in key areas such as leadership, professional development and sharing best ideas and practice;
  • improved succession and career planning;
  • a relentless focus on an exceptional quality of teaching and learning.
  • A strong focus on leadership permeates our model. Everyone can benefit from the development of leadership skills.

Trustees and Members

Our focus on leadership also extends to succession planning, talent management and enhanced career options for leaders across our schools. Growing our own leaders and deploying them across the Trust as opportunities arise embeds our values, facilitates the sharing of best practice and promote sustainability.


The Trust was formally established on 1st October 2011. It currently comprises 25 academies.  

Edna G Olds Academy, Nottingham

Huntingdon Academy, Nottingham

St Ann’s Well Academy, Nottingham

Sycamore Academy, Nottingham

Warren Academy, Nottingham

Windmill L.E.A.D. Academy, Nottingham

Millfield L.E.A.D. Academy, Leicestershire

Hogarth Academy, Nottingham

Bishop Alexander L.E.A.D. Academy, Nottingham

Glapton Academy, Nottingham

Jubilee L.E.A.D. Academy, Nottingham

Radford Academy, Nottingham

Uplands Junior L.E.A.D. Academy, Leicester

Forest Lodge Academy, Leicester

Noel-Baker Academy, Derby

The Birley Academy, Sheffield

Birley Spa Primary Academy, Sheffield

Charnock Hall Primary Academy, Sheffield

Rainbow Forge Primary Academy, Sheffield

Da Vinci Academy, Derby

Cloudside Academy, Derby

Witham St Hughes Academy, Lincoln 

Waddington All Saints Academy, Lincoln

Manor Farm Academy, Lincoln 


Through outstanding leadership we, at the L.E.A.D. Multi-Academy Trust, will provide the highest quality education to enable every pupil to realise their full potential.


To achieve our vision we prioritise the four core principles for which our name stands:

Lead ~ to show the way; to be first or foremost

In every aspect of life the ability to lead is essential. Strong leadership is the key to the success of our schools. We will develop leadership skills in everyone who attends one of them, ensuring the development of pupils as leaders of their own learning.

Empower ~ to give power to; to enable

At L.E.A.D. Academy schools pupils are empowered to have high aspirations for their futures. We nurture and challenge pupils to take responsibility, make decisions and work together so they grow into confident and resilient young people.

Achieve ~ to accomplish; to get or attain by effort

We believe in achievement in its broadest sense and that enjoyment of learning is crucial to success. We continually look for and reward achievement in every individual in our schools. We also know that a strong command of English and maths is vital as a foundation for the whole curriculum and prioritise learning in these core subjects.

Drive ~ to cause and guide progress; to impel forward

We will provide the very best education and training for every individual in our schools and will ensure that this is delivered. We value excellent teaching, underpinned by high quality professional development and will constantly move forwards, using and instigating the best ideas and practice.

We also understand that children need to be motivated if they are to succeed in life and we will provide a stimulating curriculum and environment which will prepare them for their futures with confidence and determination.

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