Year 2

Summer Term 2024 Overview

Long Term Plan

Subject Autumn Spring Summer 
English (Novels studied) The Hungry Caterpillar The Great Fire of London The Tiger who came to Tea  The Gruffalo  Fantastic Mr Fox  The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark   Giraffes Can’t Dance  The Queen’s Knickers 
Maths White Rose units Place value Addition and subtraction Measurement: money Multiplication and division Multiplication and division Statistics Geometry: Property of shapes Fractions Measurement: length and height Geometry: position and direction Problem solving and efficient methods Measurement: time Measurement: mass, capacity, temperature Investigations 
Science Materials  Habitats Plants Animals including Humans 
History London Living and The Great Fire of London Queens: Victoria V Elizabeth Local History: Rosa Parks and Alice Hawkins 
Geography Map skills Geographical features of UK Local geography (map reading, naming countries, cities) 
Computing Coding Online safety Spreadsheets Questioning Effective searching Creating pictures Making Music Presenting ideas 
Music Pulse: layer and combine  Voice: sing and alter tempo Rhythm: perform an ostinato  Pitch: compose and perform with varied pitch Music Technology: create and perform using different themes  20th Century Music: use voice to change mood 
Art Print: buildings Textiles / Collage: Landscapes  Sculpture: animals 
Design & Technology Textiles: Template and joining Mechanisms: wheels and axels Food: fruit and vegetables – cooking  
PSHCE Relationships education Myself and My relationships – Family and Friends  Relationships education Myself and My relationships – Managing change Relationships and health education Myself and My Relationships – Anti bullying 
 Relationships Education 
Healthy and Safer Lifestyles – Personal Safety 
Relationships and health education 
Healthy and safer Lifestyles –RSE 
 Relationships education 
Citizenship – Rights, Rules and Responsibilities 
RE How should we care for others and the world, and why does it matter? Christians and Muslims  How and why do we celebrate special and sacred times (different festival focus) Christians, Hindus and Sikhs Who is a Muslim and what do they believe?  Muslims. Sikh  What can we learn from sacred books? Christians and Sikhs.  
PE Gym – Sequences (high & low)  Dance – Animal movements  Games – Movement with a ball / Sending & Receiving  Gym – Sequences Weight on Hands & Feet   Gym -Games  Throwing / Catching   Dance –animal movements   Gym – Sequences Turning & Twisting  OAA Unit 1 Physical Challenges   Dance – Pathways, Colour & Noise  Athletics Unit 1 Running, Jumping & Throwing 
MFL Greetings Numbers 1-20 Days and Months of the year Festivals and celebratory days 
Safeguarding British Values: Unwritten rules, being free  Diverse relationships: Equality within families Gang Culture: Peer pressure and acts, different opinions Extremism & radicalization: Resisting pressure, what is extremism? 

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