Year 6

Summer Term 2024 Overview

Long Term Plan

Subject Autumn Spring Summer 
English (Novels studied) Goodnight Mister Tom Boy in the Striped Pyjamas  Artemis Fowl 1001 Arabian Nights The Viewer Trash 
Maths (White Rose units) Place value Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division Fractions Geometry: Position and direction Decimals Decimals Percentages Algebra Measurement: converting units Measurement: Perimeter, area, volume Ratio Geometry: Properties of shape Problem solving Statistics Investigations 
Science Electricity  Light   Evolution  Living things and their habitats Animals including Humans  Reproduction and SRE 
History Local History: Wartime Leicester Islamic Civilisation Comparison of Civilisations 
Geography Extreme weather  Coastal change  Map reading  Using an atlas  Environmental issues   Extreme Weather  South America  
Computing Coding Online safety Spreadsheets Spreadsheets Blogging Text adventures Networks Quizzing 
Music Pulse: compose an irregular time signature with ostinato patterns  Voice: polished performance with accurate pitch Rhythm: perform led by conductor  Pitch: compose own theme Music Technology: add layers to change sounds  20th Century Music: create music in a range of styles 
Art Print: Buildings – layered prints Textiles / Collage: weaving   Sculpture: Beatriz Milhazes inspired 
Design & Technology Mechanical systems: pulleys, gears, and cams  Textiles: combining different shapes  Food: cultural and seasonality 
PSHCE Relationships Education Myself and My Relationships – Family and Friends  Relationships Education Myself and My Relationships – Managing change  Relationships and Health Education Myself and My Relationships – Anti-bullying  Relationships Education Healthy and Safer Lifestyles – Personal safety Health Education Healthy and Safer lifestyles – Drug Education  Relationships  and Health Education Healthy and Safer lifestyles – RSE  
RE Is it better to express your beliefs in arts and architecture or in charity and generosity. Christian, Sikh, Muslim and non-religious people (Humanist)  What difference does it make to believe in Ahimsa, Grace, Khalsa and Ummah? Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, and non-religious people (Humanist)  What matters most to Christians and Humanists?  Christian focus including non-religious people (Humanist)  What do religions say to us when life gets hard? Christian, Hindu, Sikh and Muslim.   
PE Gym Counter Balance & Tension / Partner Work –   Dance Communicating ideas, issues, thoughts & feelings  Invasion Games  (Rugby)   Gym Synchronisation & Canon / Holes & Barriers    Invasion Games  (Rugby)  Indoor athletics   Dance Weather – Using different images  Swimming  OAA Map Skills / Orienteering  
MFL Families  Sports  Stories  Famous people  Famous events  Cultural differences 
Safeguarding British Values: protecting different views and belief  Diverse relationships: same sex marriage and the law, forced marriage, honour based violence Gang Culture: Types of gangs, knife crime Extremism & radicalization: Religion and extremism.  Opposing radicalization   

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