Year 3

Summer Term 2024 Overview

Long Term Plan

Subject Autumn Spring Summer 
English (Novels studied) The Snail and the Whale Stone Age Boy  The Butterfly Lion  Escape from Pompei  The boy who grew dragons  My best friend the suffragette  
Maths (White Rose units) Place value addition and subtraction Multiplication and division Multiplication and division Money Statistics Length and perimeter Fractions Fractions  Time Geometry: properties of shape Measurement: mass and capacity  
Science Forces Rocks  Magnets Animals including the Human Body  Light Plants  
History The Stone Age Romans Local History: The Winstanley’s 
Geography Earthquakes and volcanoes and mountains  Naming countries/ locating hemispheres and countries in each  Local geography (map reading, naming countries, cities) 
Computing Coding Online safety Spreadsheets Touch Typing Email Branching databases Simulations Graphing 
Music Pulse: practice and perform ostinato  Voice: sing fluently and conduct a small group Rhythm: use syllable patterns to create graphic score  Pitch: use themes to compose Music Technology: create, change and combine sounds  20th Century Music: compose using different genres 
Art Print: Cave paintings Sculpture: African landscapes Textiles / Collage: Mixed media collage 
Design & Technology Mechanical systems: levers and linkages Food:  Healthy diet Textiles: 2D shapes to 3D product 
PSHCE Relationships and health education Myself and My Relationships – Beginning and Belonging 
  Relationships and health education 
Myself and my Relationships – My Emotions 
Relationships Education 
Citizenship – Working together 
  Relationships Education 
Citizenship – Diversity and Community 
Health Education 
Healthy and Safer lifestyles – healthy lifestyles 
 Health Education 
Healthy and Safer Lifestyles – RSE 
RE What does it mean to be a Christian in Britain today? Christians.  What do different people believe about God? Christian, Muslim, Sikh and Hindu.  Why are festivals important to religious communities? Christian: Easter focus. Why do people pray? Christian, Muslim, Sikh and Hindu.  Why is the bible so important for Christians today? Christians.  
PE Gym Balance & Rolling / Jumping / Sequences / Partner Work / Shapes / Dynamics Games –  invasion games  Dance  – Paired, Group & Class work (circle, friendship, traditional country dancing) Games – Cricket Gym – Balance & Rolling / Jumping / Sequences / Partner Work / Shapes / Dynamics Games  invasion games   Dance  – Paired, Group & Class work (circle, friendship, traditional country dancing) Games – net and wall games Gym – Balance & Rolling / Jumping / Sequences / Partner Work / Shapes / Dynamics Games – Net and wall games   OAA activities –  Athletics Running, Jumping, Throwing, Athletic event  
MFL Greetings including reply Numbers 1-20 Colours Body Parts Animals Cultural similarities and differences 
Safeguarding British Values: Democracy & Elections and school council  Diverse relationships: same sex marriage, Honour in families Gang Culture: What is a gang? Joining a gang and pressure Extremism & radicalization: Places extremism happens.  What is radicalization? 

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