Year 1

Summer Term 2024 Overview

Long Term Plan

(novels being covered)
Amazing Grace
The Three Little
Funny Bones
Peace At Last
Jack and the Beanstalk
Oliver’s Vegetables / Fruit Salad
Handa’s Surprise
Farmer Duck
Little Red Riding Hood
Whatever Next
Room on the Broom
Sharing a shell
The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch
(White Rose units)
Place Value (to 10) 
Addition and subtraction (to 10) 
Place value (to 20) 
Addition and subtraction (20) 
Place value (50 including multiples of 2,5, 10) 
Measurement: Length, height 
Measurement: Weight, volume 
Multiplication and division
Geometry: position and direction
Place value (100)
Measurement: money
Measurement: time
ScienceOur bodies 
Seasonal changes 
Seasonal changes 
Animals including humans 
Everyday materials 
HistoryLocal History: The Best of Leicester  Changes in Toys: Victorian England to today Changes to the seaside
GeographyOur Local Area (Braunstone town) Best way to travel Comparing the seaside with our local area
ComputingOnline Safety
Grouping & Sorting
Lego builders
Maze Explorers
Animated story books
Technology outside school
Music Pulse: rhymes with steady pulse
Voice: Sing and perform
Rhythm: Compose a simple rhythmic pattern
Pitch: convey feelings through composition
Music technology: create and change sound
20th Century Music: use features from a range of genres
Art  Sculpture: self portrait Print: still life Textiles / Collage: Seascape scenes
Design & Technology Mechanisms: sliders and levers Food: fruit and vegetable preparation Structures: freestanding
PSHCE Relationships education
Myself and My Relationships –
Beginning and belonging:
Relationships education
Citizenship – Working together:
Relationships and health education
Myself and My Relationships – My Emotions
Relationships and health education
Citizenship – Diversity and communities
Relationships education
Healthy and Safer Lifestyles – RSE
Health education
Healthy and Safer Lifestyles – Healthy lifestyles
RE What does it mean to belong to a faith community?
Christians and Muslims
How and why do we celebrate special and sacred times? Christians, Hindus and Sikhs.
Who is a Christian and what do they believe?
What makes some places sacred?
Christians, Hindus and Sikhs.
PE Gym – travelling
Games – ball control, spatial awareness
Dance – body awareness
Gym – travelling and stillness
Games – sending and receiving
Dance – toys
Gym – travelling and stillness
Games – rolling and Kicking
Dance – toys
Safeguarding British Values: Rules
Diverse Relationships: Different families
Gang Culture: Friends and being left out, pressure Extremism & Radicalisation: Disagreements and peer pressure

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