Year 4

Summer Term 2024 Overview

Long Term Plan

Subject Autumn Spring Summer 
English (Novels studied) Mary and the legend of the Sphinx  A Necklace of Raindrops  Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief    Street Child  Quest   
Maths (White Rose units) Place value Addition and subtraction Statistics Multiplication and division Multiplication and division Measurement: length and perimeter Measurement: area Fractions Decimals Measurement: money Measurement: time Geometry: Properties of shape Geometry: position and direction  
Science Sound  Humans including Animals  Living Things Electricity  States of Matter  
History The Egyptians The Greeks Local History: Abbey Pumping Station 
Geography Collect weather information Environmental issues Locate places on a map  Features of cities/towns/ villages Locate cities on a map European Union countries   Plan a journey to another place in UK  
Computing Coding Online Safety Spreadsheets Spreadsheets Writing for a purpose Logo Animation Effective Searching Hardware 
Music Pulse: maintain steady pulse wit time signatures  Voice: compose and perform with fluency Rhythm: create, layer and combine rhythms  Pitch: convey a range of emotions Music Technology: compose a pop song  20th Century Music: use features from different genres, times and traditions 
Art Textiles / Collage: Egyptian burial coverings Sculpture: portraits and masks Print: industrial buildings  
Design & Technology Structures: shell structures Food: Varied diet  Electrical systems: simple circuits and switches 
PSHCE Relationships Education 
Myself and My Relationships – Family and Friends  Relationships Education Myself and My Relationships – Managing change  
Relationships Education Healthy and safer lifestyles – Personal Safety  Relationships and Health Education Myself and My Relationships – Anti-bullying  Health Education Healthy and safer Lifestyles – Drug education  Relationships and Health Education Healthy and Safer Lifestyles – RSE  
RE What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today? Hindus  What can we learn from religions about deciding what is right and wrong? Christian, Muslim and non-religious focus. (Humanist)  Why is Jesus inspiring to some people? Christians. Why are festivals important to religious communities? Christian, Sikh and Hindu. Eid focus.  Why do some people think that life is like a journey and what significant experiences mark this? Christian and Hindu 
PE Swimming  Athletics Unit 2   Invasion Games  (feet & hands)  Swimming  Invasion Games Keeping Possession   OAA Unit 1  Swimming  Striking/Fielding (Cricket)  Dance (circle dance)  Net/Wall Games (striking)  
MFL Countries and towns  Food  Leisure activities  Weather Classroom objects  Spanish across the World 
Safeguarding British Values: Civil and criminal law. Laws we know  Diverse relationships: different relationships. Types of marriage Gang Culture: Gang culture, stereotypes, gangs and the media Extremism & radicalization: Why does extremism happen? Extremist groups – are they all the same?  Resisting extremist views 

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